40 couples were dragged from their hotel rooms to the police station in Mumbai in 2015 on the charge of public indecency.
Consenting unmarried couples were then humiliated, made to call up their parents and were released only after paying fine.
Incidents of couples being beaten by self-appointed moral police are prevalent in India.
It Matters Intro
India’s age of consent for sex is 18 under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013.
There is no law in India prohibiting unmarried couples from renting a room.
However, there is taboo related to premarital sex and live-in relationships or even spending time with person of opposite sex.
There are no places to hang-out with dignity in the overcrowded cities of India.
A boy and a girl can’t spend time together freely in a park or any public space without being judged.
So, sometimes people look for abandoned monuments for personal space.
Unmarried couples, friends with opposite sex don’t get a place for rent to stay-in in many cities.

Start-ups like Oyo Rooms have come up with some ideas to find couples/friends find places to stay in.
Relationship Mode on their app is a friend which allows unmarried couples/friends to go with the option.
Can such initiatives give dignified places for spending personal time for couples?

Does India need to respect personal space of others and be less judgmental?

Should consenting sex between adults still be a matter of policing or moral policing?

No Law Prohibits Young Couples From Renting A Room Or A Hotel

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