The man who turned transformed “third world to the first world in a single generation”

Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from an immigrant nation to an identity for itself

During his tenure,

Singapore’s Gross National Product per capita rose from $1,240 in 1959 to $18,437 in 1990

The unemployment rate in Singapore dropped from 13.5% in 1959 to 1.7% in 1990

Lee eschewed populist policies in favor of pragmatic long-term social and economic measures.

Lee Kuan Yew believed Disciplinary measures and rule of law were necessary for political stability and economic progress

Lee and his government stressed the importance of maintaining religious and racial tolerance

Lee was instrumental in eradicating corruption
Lee introduced legislation giving the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) greater power to conduct arrests, search, call up witnesses, and investigate bank accounts and income-tax returns of suspected persons and their families.

Is Lee Kuan Yew the most successful head of state the world witnessed the post-industrial revolution?

Father Of Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew

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