How are our elder’s taken care in their last days?
Countries with good palliative cares are considered a good place to die.
Palliative care is the care for the terminally ill and their families, especially that provided by an organised health service.
India ranked 67 out of 80 for the end-of-life care.
India faces major shortages in specialists, awareness and facilities.
However, the state of Kerala in India is an exception.
Kerala has more palliative care units than the rest of India put together as passionate volunteers are ready to serve the elderly and the painkiller, morphine is easily available.
People lacking access to morphine die of pain post surgeries such as amputation of the leg due to the tumour.
Aren’t we troubling our elderly in their old age?
When are we going to priortize our health care?

How Are Our Elders Taken Care Of In Their Last Days?

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