GST was passed in the Rajya Sabha after many years

The passage of the bill is considered the most important reform measure

The idea of GST was first believed to be taken by Mr. Vajpayee

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram took up the GST bill in 2006

He vowed to pass it in Parliament by 2010

BJP had opposed the bill then, also some of the states including Gujarat

The GST bill is expected to make tax compliance easy and give a boost to the economy

States are unhappy as they lose their taxation powers

The two biggest economy in the world i.e U.S & E.U have not implemented GST

Will GST be a short term relief and a long term burden?

Does GST go against the federal principles of Indian constitution?

Is GST answer to India’s economic malaise?

GST, A Short History & An Alternative Perspective

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