We are being cheated by telecom operators every day.
TV ads by telecom company claim super-fast internet on the highest mountains and far-flung islands.
But we don’t a get a stable internet in even in metro cities.
Despite over four years of existence in India, 3G is still limited to reach and service standards.
While operators are busy spending billions to sell 4G, only 30% of cellular towers are 3G enabled.
Lack of adequate infrastructure leads to data drops and unstable internet.
They even cap data speeds in some areas as they can’t handle the load.
TRAI has imposed a mere Rs. 1.5 lakh penalty for sub-standard services.
Ironically, the quality report submitted to the government is compiled by the telecom operators themselves, not by an independent body.
Just to make the customers migrate from 3G to 4G, don’t you think the operators are intentionally degrading the 3G services?
How many times have you experienced 2G speed on a 3G pack?
Here’s what the government should do:
1. Ensure that the telecom operators are strictly following the rules and regulations.
2. Conduct audits by independent bodies.
3. Impose hefty penalties if any violation of regulations found.
4. Direct the operators to declare and communicate the minimum speeds to the customers in all their advertisements.

Here’s what we can do:
1. Sign The Logical Indian’s petition appealing for a guaranteed minimum internet speed for the existing 2G, 3G and 4G services.
2. This means if the minimum speed of 3G is set to XMbps and 4G to YMbps, telecom operators, can’t go below their guaranteed speeds under any circumstance.
Attention: The demand is not for a super fast internet. We all are aware of more endemic issues to be fixed in India. The demand is just to get what we pay for.


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