Title: Beverage companies are stealing our water.

India is suffering from one of its worst droughts and beverage MNCs are exploiting groundwater.

Temperature levels this summer have also been the highest in 100 years.

A quarter of the country’s population is affected (330 million). (Senior lawyer PS Narasimha, told the Supreme-Court)

Reeling from severe water shortages, poor farmers are suffering major crop losses.

Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has allowed 144 companies, to extract groundwater for free and sell it to us.

The water packaging industry has crossed Rs. 1000 crore as annual revenues.

Water tables depleted rapidly in areas where these beverage companies operate.

But only 24 companies are doing the mandatory recharge of the aquifers and recycling the wastewater.

PepsiCo’s brands like Slice, Mirinda, Mountain Dew etc., draw 648000 cubic meters (648 million liters) of groundwater every year.

It is supposed to recharge a total of 83,778 cubic meters of water but it do not.

In places like Nithari village, Noida, where a company operates, water table has receded to about 180ft making it nearly impossible for locals to use.

These companies are rapidly exploiting our groundwater reserves for profit.

If this continues there will be no water for our future generations.

India will become barren, dry and inhabitable, do we really want that?

Beverage companies are stealing our water

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