Jawan Shanti Tigga was honored by former president Pratibha Patil for being the first female Jawan of our country.

Punita Arora is the first woman in India to don the second highest rank i.e. Lieutenant General of Indian Armed Forces and the first Vice-admiral of Indian Navy.

Lieutenant Ganeve Lalji, a young intelligence officer was the first woman to be appointed as a key aide to an Army Commander

In 2012, Flight Lt, Sneha Shekhawat, a woman Indian Air Force (IAF) officer, led a contingent of 144 airmen at the 63rd I Republic Day parade down the Rajpath.

During the Kargil war, Flight Officer Gunjan Saxena made history by becoming the first woman IAF officer to fly in a combat zone.

She was later honored with the Shaurya Vir Award

Indian Army did Mt. Everest Expedition in 2005 and 2012 for women officers and scaled the 8848-metre Mt. Everest successfully.

Many Women officers serve in Indian Navy.

BSF also have women Officers.

There are many women commanders in NSG.

Women are just 3% of all the officers, and they are not allowed to serve ranks below officers.

Still, breaking the stereotypes, Indian women are making their mark in the armed forces.

Women In Force

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