Title: Detention of Journalists and Scholars Post-Coup in Turkey.

Post Military Coup-Attempt, Turkish president Recep Erdogan has ordered to shut down 131 media outlets for allegedly sympathizing with the coup.

The state of emergency has been put in place for 90 days.

Erdogan’s post-coup purges have targeted at least 50,000 people — including soldiers, police, civil servants, and academics.

Source: businessinsider

About 15,000 people have been detained so far including 42 journalists.

Wider academia had opposed Erdogan’s pushing Islamic faith on people and education pre-coup.

Army sees itself as the guardian of Turkey’s secular order and legacy of the nation’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Erdogan wants to bring armed forces and intelligence agency under the control of his presidency.

Turkey has the second-largest military in NATO and is a crucial ally in the fight against ISIS.

US and allies condemned the attempted overthrow of Erdogan’s government but are quiet on the purge.

How democratic is democratically elected Erdogan Govt in Turkey?

Detention of Journalists and Scholars Post-Coup in Turkey.

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