It was Mangroves which saved a village from the devastation of Tsunami

Mangroves are small trees that grow in saline or brackish waters

Mangroves provide a broad range of benefits for the environment, various animal species and humans

Mangroves are being exploited, and it is threatening various ecosystems

Mangrove areas are rich in fish species sometimes 25 times more than any other place

The world’s biggest Mangroves are in West Bengal. They contain a Tiger Reserve, National Park and a Biosphere Reserve.

Mangroves on the coastal regions provide rich biodiversity and buffer from the coastal waters.

Mangroves are being destroyed around the world.

35% of Mangroves according to one estimate is lost.

The Mangroves along the coastline village of Tamilnadu saved the village from destruction

When the benefits of obvious, why are Mangroves not conserved adequately?

Mangroves In Trouble

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