Wetlands are the places which are land areas saturated with water and adapt to distinct ecosystems.

They help in water purification, flood control, carbon sink and shoreline stability.

These are home to diverse forms of plant and animal lives.

But these are under threat due to urbanization, pollution and no proper regulatory frameworks for the conservation.

IT- Matters

In India wetlands consist of about 4.7% of the total geographical area.

Source: ScienceDirect.com via Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies

There are about 26 wetlands sites in India those were protected by law.
Source: ramsar.org.

Laws have been cut down for easier construction and urbanization.

Consent of local communities’ is not taken.

Center Govt. has further proposed to dilute Wetland Protection Rules.

Can dilution in laws protect wetlands and save ecosystem?

India’s Wetlands Under Threat

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