Bishnoi of Rajasthan
When you love nature & treat its children as your own.

Bishnoi (derived from Vishnu) Communities in the Western Thar Desert, Rajasthan & UP known to follow 29 principles towards loving the nature.

Guru Jambheswar made these principles to protect the bio-diversity.

10 out of 29 tenets are directed towards personal hygiene and maintaining good health.

8 Tenets are to conserve the bio-diversity in which they do not kill animals, do not cut down trees and protect all forms of lives.

One of the principles says hurting environment is hurting oneself.

In 1730 there was a group that was led by Amrita Devi who laid down their lives to protect the trees; they went on hugging the trees being cut down.

They do not allow animal poaching; deers and antelopes freely roam around their homes and fields.

If any fauna is found without a mother then the ladies in the community feed them as their own children are fed.

They are also kept in their homes till they grow up to protect them against the wild predators

The community protested against Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan for the ‘killing of blackbuck’ incident.

It is the time that we pick few principles from them and imbibe in our daily lives to conserve the environment.

Can we, will we?

Bishnoi tribe in India

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