​Bhutan ranked 1 in human development indexin 2014, making it the world’s happiest country. Now it is first carbon negative country.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is sandwiched between two political giants India and China at the eastern end of the Himalayas. ​ ​

​​ But, county of just 750,000 keeps making the world take a notice.

​​It is the only country to use gross national happiness​ to measure its growth.

And now Bhutan has become the world’s first carbon negative country.

This means the country’s forests absorb more carbon dioxide each year than it produces.

It emits around 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide annually,while its forests absorb over 6 million tons.

​​This is due to Bhutan’s strong environment protection policies.

​​72% of the country is still forested and its constitution guarantees at least 60% will remain that way.

In June 2015, a team of 100 volunteers planted 49,672 trees in just one hour, setting a new world record.

This March 82,000 households planted trees to celebrate the birth of their Queen’s first child.

Bhutan has already shown us a wayto reverse global warming and live happily.​

Are we to listening?

Bhutan: The world’s first carbon negative country

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