India has 72.99% literacy rate. This shows still 27% are left out.

Yogendra Bangar came up with an innovative idea of opening “AajiBaichi Shala” (GrandMothers’ School) in Phangane, Thane.

Started on Women’s Day 2016 it has around 28 students at present.

This opens for two hours in a day, and the uniform is Pink Sarees. Students age from 60 and all the way up to 90.

The villagers were excited; Ramabai a student says that she is like a ripe fruit which might fall off the branch anytime but that won’t stop her from learning and she doesn’t want to die an illiterate.

Another student says that she is excited because she gets to learn from her grandchildren and they all study together which makes her happy in her old days.

With education school also teaches the art of hand-woven quilts and paper bags.

One of such schools Barefoot College is in Tilonia India started in 1972 by Bunker Roy.

It started with small programs like finding a solution to leaking roofs and barren land.

Now there are ladies who make solar powered pressure a very sophisticated cooking device. And Tilonia is totally solar powered village made by grandmas.

Barefoot College trains grandmas and other women in sustainable technologies from all across the globe now.

There are schools at night where they are taught about politics, how to manage a whole party.

This school gave life to grandmas and many more ladies who were illiterate taking them far ahead of “Literates”’.

School for Grannies in India

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