Libya is a country in North Africa, located close to the Mediterranean Sea.
This largest oil producer in Africa, is now surrounded by bloodshed and civil wars, this is partly because of NATO and USA.
In 1969 Muammar Gaddafi led a coup against King Idris I and forced him to flee.
Then Libyan Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) led by Gaddafi abolished the monarchy and proclaimed a new Libyan African Republic.
His reforms made health care and education free for all and tried to provide houses for all Libyans.
A secular society was imposed where women had equal rights, child marriage was abolished and they also enjoyed a healthy economic growth.
But his idea of nationalism and years of authoritarian dictatorship wasn’t received well.
Fearing rebellion he always gave important positions in the government and military to his tribe.
His fears came true as demonstrations against his government started across various cities within Libya in 2011.
Security forces in Benghazi responded with live ammunition on protesters and it grew beyond control.
USA and NATO under Obama voted to help train rebels to beat Gaddafi as they thought a long war might be harmful to Europe (located close to Libya).
The well trained and equipped National Transitional council (the rebel outfit), took over the country and murdered Gaddafi on October 20, 2011.
But NATO did not plan for a post-Gaddafi Libya, Chaos struck without a strong leader and it became an easy target for ISIS and other militants.
Libya is being torn apart by very protestors NATO helped train leaving many thousands dead.
Even Obama admitted the way he handled the Libyan crisis is the biggest mistake in his presidency.
But is accepting his mistakes enough to save Libya from the crisis?
Hasn’t USA learned anything from Iraq?

Libyan Crisis: President Obama’s Biggest Mistake.

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